“they made me write a letter stating that I take back my complaint even though they did not do anything to help.” Is what we see in the conversation we had with, let’s say, Mr. X. Mr. X reported a digital scammer once and he was not quite expecting what happened at the police station after which he swore to himself that he would never lodge a complaint again. It so happened that Mr. X had a payment related scam where he was clever enough to identify the fraud and luckily did not lose any money. But as any law-abiding citizen would do, Mr.X reported it to the police and there he was, on his birthday being asked by them to take the complaint back just because he didn’t lose any money and they would have had to do extra work in tracing those fraudsters.

This example is just why we need to learn to be self-sufficient, also known as “aatmanirbhar” like our dear Prime Minister says it. Dealing with such frauds could be quite the hassle especially when you get law enforcement involved, which is by being independent and trying to minimize potential damage to the fullest by a few simple and careful steps is the key here.

Why is being “Aatmanirbhar” so important here?

With the covid-19 pandemic, India seems to be racing to the top of the list of countries affected. With that, controlling situations is becoming very difficult for the health workers and law enforcement community. With the need of the hour being focused on the pandemic situation, minor complaints like payment scams would naturally be of less priority. In such times it is to us to be self-sufficient and take the right safety steps.

Covid-19 is not the only virus we need to be afraid of!

Of course, the deadly virus has found its way of getting to people, but the other virus we talk about here is the increasing number of payment frauds happening to people these days. There is a plethora of scams we see every day, starting with the famous double bitcoin fraud to simpler scams like e commerce scams which happen almost every day.

We need to take safety measures of protecting our digital environment by following a few simple steps,

To start with, we need to understand the nature of the payment, whether it’s genuine or not and if the person we’re paying it to is not a scammer. Always doing a background check for authenticity is a must.

Moving ahead, NEVER share your payment OTP, credit/debit card numbers, UPI IDs etc. to anyone who asks for it. A bank would NEVER call you up to ask your credit/debit card number or your UPI ID.

Clicking strange links could get you in trouble at times, beware of that.

To conclude with, what keeps you going “Aatmanirbhar” is to report such felons trying to scam you. You can anonymously report a delinquent phone number or an email ID here with us and we will take care of the rest, visit now! https://checkfortrust.trustcheckr.com/

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