London based comedian James Veitch is known for his hilarious replies to email spammers. Be it the Nigerian Prince trying struck a $5 million gold trade deal or Mr. John Kelly dying of “lever cancer” in Dubai, a supposedly rich businessman from the UK who wants to donate his fortune of $9.2 million to James and save it from being inherited by his demonic second wife. In his book, “Dot Con” Veitch talks about how he just wasted the spammers’ time by talking to them and deluding them into believing that he is actually interested in the deal where in real, he is mocking them. Veitch’s approach to such scammers on the net shows us how the world is being flooded with mail scammers and how important it is to be careful about them.

He starts off at the TEDGlobal event in Geneva, talking about how a man who claims to be a Nigerian Prince is looking for a distributor in the UK to sell his gold, starts with making a “small deal” of 25 kilograms of gold to be distributed in the UK. The Nigerian Prince says that his company doesn’t support small shipments and that he would suggest starting off with a shipment of 50KG OF GOLD!!! Veitch leads his “golden nugget” into thinking that he is actually interested in the deal and goes further to encrypting their emails with codewords for terms they use.

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The outcome of the message is so hilarious that it went viral instantly and its all over the net now.

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Another classic example is the time when a guy who claims to be a rich businessman is dying in a hospital in Dubai from” lever cancer” and needs Veitch to be his heir for $9.2 million so that his demonic wife doesn’t get the money. The scam here is that Veitch has to transfer money to an account to the lawyer’s at London so they could proceed with the legal work and Veitch could get his money. Veitch plays with Kelly too into thinking that he’s up for the scam only to mock him enough that the world laughs at him now.

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What follows this is hilarious.

the list of such emails goes on and on, what we need to learn today is how advanced scammers are getting and how cautious we need to be as both individuals and businessmen. Businesses today are being affected by various scamming techniques like identity fraud, synthetic identity fraud, account fraud etc. the usage of effective fraud detection and prevention techniques is the need of the hour today, machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques in data science are being used to create fully fledged next level fraud detection systems to fight that. TrustCheckr uses an elite set of ML and AI programs to create efficient fraud detection systems. Visit to book yourself a free demo.

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