Check for Validity, Risky, Location, DND Status, Type, Carrier and Circle

Whenever someone wants to deal with a stranger online, DOUBT is the first reaction. Be it paying online via Google Pay, PhonePe, BHIM, Paytm, etc.., or receiving scammer messages from fake KYC, and fake call centers, you should be beware and know if it person on the other side is a scammer or not?

Go to this website:

Home Screen

You can find the following:

  1. If the number is risky or not – belongs to a scammer, inactive number, etc..,
  2. Is the phone number valid?
  3. Type of the phone number – MOBILE, LANDLINE, TOLL-FREE, VOIP
  4. Country, Carrier, Circle (Original)
  5. Is the number on the Do Not Disturb list

If the number is “Risky”, better to think twice before making a financial transaction. Use TrustCheckr, Safeguard your loved ones from Scammers every day online.

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